How To Use Free Spins

What I like to do is I wouldn’t normally go to another machine after I got done getting the really big win and sometimes I would like if you if you want to save your chips you don’t want to really spend no more for that day you know just come back the next day or whatever you know because sometimes if you get on here and you be playing all day you know because you have all of those chips and I know it’s really exciting when you’re playing because it’s a lot of chips and you’re very excited about winning a big win but once you win a really big win like like 1 billion or so or more you know whatever you know close to a billion if I were you I would get off because eventually if you’re playing like I said all day it will take all your chips back and I know from experience. Read more about spinning in casinos at CasinoSlots.

e I’ve been playing this game for a while now and that’s just something that I would do not saying that you guys should do it you know because everybody has to learn from experience  ok so I’m this one’s taking a really long time to give my free spins so it looks like I might have to go ahead and lower my back normally lowering your bet normally what I do is I lower my bed so it can give me all my chips back that I’ve lost but sometimes like if you want to get a really really big win and your your chips are not really low then stay at the same bat but if you’re losing go ahead and lower your bed down I’m not mean your minds down to 150,000 chips and sometimes it gives me all my chips back like I have said in my other videos sometimes he gives me all my chips back or maybe even sometimes more or a little lesser it just depends so I’m gonna keep going until I get to let’s see what happens okay so it may give me okay.

So I can keep going since it gave me this way and I’m gonna keep on going until until I get down to about ten million and then I’m gonna lure my bed  and for used to be a in the billionaire’s Club if you would love to be in there I’m the only way you know you would have to give it a chance if you are still spending out three hundred thousand and spin you know or so or you know just just give it a chance you know start spinning and start taking chances and start spinning at five million of spin maybe ten million it’s being you know just give it a try or maybe even this three million a span you never know you know that day that you’re doing that you can become a billion in the billionaire’s Club you just never know.