How To Win At Roulette

Most people when playing Roulette play the game the wrong way. For example, most people will start to play with a certain amount of money and keep playing until it is gone. This isn’t their intention, but that’s how it always seems to end up. Well, read on and I’ll show you how to best change this process.

Roulette is such a diverse game with so many possible betting combinations that if you are going to play it seriously you should be aware of what you should and shouldn’t do. After many years of study of the Roulette game I can show you with absolute certainty what constitutes a good bet and what doesn’t. It is my intention to give you a more in-depth knowledge of the game so that you can use this understanding to your advantage and hopefully make a profit in the long run.

The first thing I must stress at this point is that there is no great advantage. It is, however, possible to minimize the probability of losing, therefore maximizing your potential to win. There is no sure-fire way to always win, if there were Roulette would have died out many years ago, long before it was ever available online, but read on and lets see what we can do.

One of the great advantages to playing Roulette online is you often have the choice of either an American or a European table. Always play on the European version with only one zero (the rest of this article assumes that you are). It lowers the house edge which can make all the difference.

Most people when playing Roulette will immediately start placing chips here, there and everywhere all over the table. They will put a couple of chips on some numbers, a larger amount of chips somewhere else, until they’re happy they have satisfied that little feeling inside them that is always intuitively telling them where to bet and by how much.

It’s a shame that in reality what they’re doing is placing the poorest value bets the table can offer. Even when they win, as they often do because the table is a wash with their chip colors, the winnings they receive are often less, or little more than the amount they have staked.

Now there is no doubt that this is an exciting and enjoyable way to play. If you enjoy it, and decide to carry on, then good luck to you. It is feasible that some times you can, and probably will win by playing this way. But do you keep a record of ALL your wins and losses? If you do then I would be very surprised if you win in the long run. So my advice is if you are intent on cutting the odds of you losing, then avoid this method of play.

If you study the above method scientifically you will find that most of the time you are betting against yourself. As an example, and to simplify things so that we can get a better vision of exactly what’s happening; let’s assume that we simply put $1 on each of the eighteen low numbers and $2 on each of the eighteen high numbers (ignoring zero for this example). Now if it lands on a high number we have won $18, but if it lands on a low number we lose $18 – bearing in mind that a win would pay 35-1.

This is exactly the same as putting an equal amount of money on high and low. The odds work out exactly the same, but we can clearly see from this example that we are wasting our time by putting a total of $36 on high and $18 on low because it would be exactly the same bet to put just $18 on high and leave low blank. You will be no better off except that if zero falls in and you lose both high and low then you now lose much less even though you have the same potential winnings. Of course when you’re spreading your bets all over the table you may decide to put a bet on zero, but the odds are the same it’s just that any other losing number or numbers become your bogey numbers. I have taken this example to a ridiculous extreme in the hope it will help you to see the mistake most people are making.

Transfer this diagnosis back to the way most people do play i.e. spreading a lot of money all over the table and you can see that they are nearly always betting unnecessary amounts (more than they need to in order to win the same amount) and steadily going to lose unless they are very lucky – but with such a method of playing they are minimizing their chances of being lucky. And there is always going to be the heavy loss when none of their chips come in – a totally unnecessary risk!

I say again, what we should be aiming at is maximizing the chance of allowing ourselves to be lucky. Try not to bet against yourself by staking more than is necessary to win the same amount anyway, and remember to take into account the amount of the total stake that is spent even when you win. If you start getting carried away and picking more and more numbers per bet, although you may have the fun of winning more often, you are going to be losing an increasing amount in the longer run most of the time.

Remember this rule; as you increase your stakes and spread the bet out, yes it may seem like you are winning more often, but when you do win your winnings are becoming less and less adequate compared to the expense of your stakes and the inevitable big losses.

Bearing all this in mind I would say one of the best value bets the Roulette table can offer is to pick 3 or 4 numbers (at 35-1) and just keep playing this same bet over and over. Or why not place these numbers on, say, the high number side of the table and stake the same total amount on low (at evens). Then if your chosen numbers refuse to drop in, at least the odds are slightly in your favor that you may be covering much of your losses because the ball is temporarily landing more on the opposite side of the table. Also, obviously, the opposite is also true; if the ball is not landing on low as much as high, you stand a chance that it could be temporally landing on your numbers more than the natural odds would predict.

If you give the above system a go you will need to be prepared to lose small amounts most of the time in order to gain occasional good wins. That’s how it will work, it is a good value bet, but it’s up to you to decide if you are prepared to take on the risk or not. I advise you try the system in an online Casino first but without real money to see how you get on. Keep a record of the results and see what happens over a reasonable period.


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